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HALO TM - Drink Spiking Prevention!

Halo TM is a product aimed at combating drink spiking. A simple one-way valve locks into the bottleneck preventing any other substances being added to the drink. Tamper evident features clearly indicate if any attempt has been made to spike the drink.

The system incorporates unique patented airflow technology, which allows air to bypass the valve, back into the bottle, preventing vacuum build up problems.

All the consumer needs to do is drink from the bottle as normal. Halo can be incorporated directly into the bottling process or distributed for the consumers to retrofit themselves.

Email: Matthewb@abevolution.com

Comments on the show itself:

"Whilst I was unsuccessful on the show many of the positive elements of the presentation were edited out (including Richard Farleigh's interest in investing £20k of the amount I was seeking).
I still feel the experience was worthwhile and have continued in my endeavours to make Halo TM a reality as a product.

Contrary to Peter Jones opinion my UK patent has since been granted and key industry figures have expressed an interest in test marketing the product. My current goal is to secure a mechanism via either funding or collaboration to develop the prototype into a market ready product and begin to reduce the impact of the drink-spiking problem.
Matthew Brown

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