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The Dragons Den Series 1 Jan 2005

The Dragons in this series were Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones, Rachel Elnaugh, Doug Richard and Simon Woodroffe.

Episode 1
Baby Dream Machine Ltd - Graham Whitby and Barry Haigh.
Art Out There - Gavin Drake.
Incarnation - Paul Clark.
Stubbi - Ian McCormack.
Well Time Ltd - Mubbasher Khanzada.
EM and JO - Joanne Morrison and Emma McPherson.
Ethical Clothing Range - Jeremy Davis.
Golf Advertising - Yul Thompson.
Blow Dry Bar - Rachel Fiddes.
Umbrolly Vending Machine - Charles Ejogo.

The very first applicant to enter the den was Graham Whitby who was the promoting force behind Barry Haigh's idea of a 'Baby Dream Machine' which was basically a device to place under the wheels of a pushchair that would then create a natural rhythmic movement. The idea is that this replicates the natural movement babies feel in the womb and therefore would aid restful sleep.

Unfortunately Graham got off to an understandably nervous start with the Dragons and this probably did some harm to his chances despite all the Dragons believing the product to be a very good idea. That and some scepticism on the forecast figures for the company value meant that none of the Dragons felt able to commit to an investment although Duncan Bannatyne did make a part offer.

However the Baby Dream Machine continues to sell well through a wide variety of outlets and you can purchase one yourself from www.babydreammachine.com

Umbrolly Vending MachineThe first investment offered by the Dragons was for Charles Ejogo's dream of an umbrella vending machine. The idea being that most of us get caught in the rain with our brolly left at home and anyway don't want to continually carry a brolly just in case it rains.
So Charles had the idea of strategically placed vending machines where customers could just buy one as and when required!

A great idea and one which was quickly snapped up by Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne in a joint investment. However the deal never materialised apparently due to some misunderstanding.

If you think a brolly vending machine would work at your premises then read more at www.umbrollys.com

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