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The Dragons Den Series 1 Episode 2

The Dragons in this episode were Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones, Rachel Elnaugh, Doug Richard and Simon Woodroffe.

Stable Table - Andrew Gordon. Table levelling device.
Mandala Aroma - Gillian Kavannagh. Organic aromatherapy.
Kestrel Aerospace - Simon Scott.
All of a Quiver - Lyn Harlow.
Project Y - Justin Gabriel.
Laza DIY - Nigel Williams.
Grails Ltd - Tracey Grailey. Business suits for women.
Pure Bake - Marianne Jones.
Doug & Duck Ale - John Brisden.
Migra Cap - Alison Morgan. Migraine treatment.
MyLABEL - Richard Croft and Chris Thompson.

Tracey Grailey had the idea of specialising in business suits for women and although most of the dragons were not impressed she did finally win backing from Doug Richard and Rachel Elnaugh.

The business has apparently gone through some difficulties but at the time of writing still continues to trade at www.grails.co.uk

Stable TableOne of the ideas which appeared to be the most ridiculous was Andrew Gordon's invention to stop tables from wobbling. It was basically a pinned collection of 8 thin sheets which could be adjusted to compensate for any shortness of length in table legs and therefore make them stable.

The Dragons all felt this was a total waste of time as the same thing could be achieved by a beer mat and there was a lot of laughter at the idea. However, Andrew has gone on to get the last laugh and has achieved quite remarkable worldwide sales! You can read more at his web site www.stabletable.co.uk

Other sucess stories which didn't receive backing:
www.mandala-aroma.com Luxury Aromatherapy by Gillian Kavanagh
www.migracap.com Migraine treatment by Alison Morgan

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