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The Dragons Den Series 1 Episode 3

The Dragons in this episode were Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones, Rachel Elnaugh, Doug Richard and Simon Woodroffe.

Baltersan Castle - James Brown.
Le Beanock - Tracey Herrtage.
Over 40s Fashion Range - Esme Eretkin.
Paddle - Chad Townsend.
Art Collection - David Hancock.
Outabox Ltd - Gayle Blanchflower.
Awaydays - Kevin Sampson.
Sweetspot - Jeffrey Wheeler.
Curiosities for Kids - Suzanne Longworth.
IV Cam - John and Philip Petty.

Tracey Herrtage had quit a successful retail job to launch her own idea of a combination hammock and beanie which she had named the Beanock. Rachel Elnaugh agreed to invest.

James Brown put together a passionate pitch for help in restoring Baltersan castle to be eventually used as a time share business. Despite being intrigued, none of the Dragons felt able to invest and James has been unable to achieve funding for his dream so far. The castle is actually up for sale now if you want to purchase a piece of Scottish history - www.baltersan.com

Peter Jones and Doug Richard invested in a three dimensional imaging system called IV cam which was presented by John and Philip Petty www.ics-uk.net although later disagreement occurred over the best way forward for the business.

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