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The Dragons Den Series 1 Episode 4

The Dragons in this episode were Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones, Rachel Elnaugh, Doug Richard and Simon Woodroffe.

Maxi Mat - David Tully.
Tattoo Erase - Babara Simpson-Birks.
Tasty Aprons - Natasha Mason.
Halal Cuisines - Younis Ali.
West Brewing Company - Petra and Gordon Wetzel-Stewert.
Destination London - Rachel Lowe.
ByoBin - Stewart Twinn.
Dragon Cars - Jenny & Bill Conway.
Mycorrhizal Systems - Paul Thomas.
Karaoke Machine - Shaun Costello.

This episode pretty much launched Rachel Lowe's career as a successful board game designer despite the fact that none of the Dragons saw fit to invest. Her game was initially called Destination Portsmouth and was developed from her experience as a part time taxi driver whilst studying for a law degree. It was re-launched as Destination London and quickly became a top seller in London stores.

However things went wrong when the latest development hit a major snag. The Harry Potter version of it was due to be released but then the actual film on which it was to be based was delayed for a year. This caused massive cash flow problems for Rachel's company and the company went into administration in June 2009.

Paul Thomas of Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd was the only applicant to actually achieve a deal on this eipsode - although untimately he decided to decline the investment offered by Simon Woodroffe.

Paul had developed a method of ensuring that the highly prized Black Truffle would grow on the roots of specially prepared trees. The truffle has a very high market value specifically because it is very rare and very difficult to produce to order. The only problem is that the investment can see no return until the specially treated trees are planted and have grown to a significant size to allow the truffles to develop.

Paul continues to seek partners and to diversify and you can actually purchase a tree suitable for planting in the UK that will produce summer truffles - www.plantationsystems.com

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