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The Dragons Den Series 1 Episode 6

The Dragons in this episode were Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones, Rachel Elnaugh, Doug Richard and Simon Woodroffe.

Cabtivate - Mark Greenhalgh. In-taxi advertising.
Snowbone - Nik Rawcliff. Steering column for snowboards.
EM Medical - Rory Orr.
Dinnerpoint.com - Fenner Austen. Arranged dinners for busy professionals.
TechnoDeck - Simon Gasgoyne and Nigel Williams.
In-velope - Stephen Mallet. Flat pack storage system.
3D Mapping - Ayesha Broadbent. Virtual travel.
Burst Pipes - Paula Ward.
Toilet Snake - David Daly.
Wonderland - Hugh Gwyther.

Radical innovator Nik Rawcliff is a huge fan of extreme sports and had developed an idea for a steering column on a snowboard to enable users to perform tricks that had never been possible before. Rachel Elnaugh was convinced enough to invest.

Nik has now won a £50000 award for his latest BMX Snowboard combination and continues to sell many of his innovative furniture items through his own website at www.rawstudio.co.uk

Steve Mallet still sells his Invelop through his own site at www.invelope.com

Wonderland is a fashion magazine for men and women and Peter Jones saw an opportunity and was particularly impressed by the fact that the name had been trade marked by Hugh Gwyther. The magazine has now been up and running for some time and appears to be doing well.

You can check it out yourself at www.wonderlandmagazine.com

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