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The Dragons Den Series 2 Nov 2005
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The Dragons in this series were Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones, Rachel Elnaugh, Theo Paphitis and Doug Richard.

Episode 1
The Big O - Alex Hall. Olives for pubs.
Kone Zone - Phil Gold. Cones of sweets.
RakaStaka - Stefano Matheou. Bottle racking system.
Dust Bubble - Nick Nobel. Drill dust collector.
Super Knees - Stipan Saulich. Knee protector.
LippiStix - Teresa Strong. Lip-stick brush.
Smarty Pants - Claire Locke. Personalised underwear.
F8 - Kendra Torgan. Fashion fleeces.
Make up School - Daniel Parker.
Star Trek Pyjamas - Andy Bush.
Square Mile - Dominic Killinger. Wireles broadband for marinas.

The Dragons were quite keen on The Big O olive idea but not so keen on Alex Hall's presentational skills and that ultimately meant failiure for her application although she still appears to be doing quite well under her own initiative.

Stefano Matheou was a hit with the Dragons with his very simple but clever bottle stacking device called the Raka Stacka. Dragons Theo and Rachel offered an investment of £100,000 for 40% of his company, but ultimately Stefano thought this was too high a price to pay. You can still buy a Racka Stacka from his website at:
Nick Nobel had a really hard time of it from the Dragons due mainly to not being fully prepared for their financial questioning. However the Dust Bubble has gone on from strength to strength and you can buy it from the likes of B & Q. Read more at:

Dominic Killinger got the attention of all the Dragons with a very professional presentation of his business providing wireless broadband for all boat owners moored at marinas. He achieved an offer from Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis of £150,000 for 40% of the business.

Episode 2bedlam Puzzle
StyleBible - Amanda Zuydervelt. Membership only directory.
Sisserou - Julia La Ronde. Ethnic drink.
Flat World Ltd - Jay Cousins. Backpackers crocker.
She Wee - Samantha Fountain. Womens toilet aid.
SmoodyPod - Prince Tikare. Smoothie maker.
Tennis Is Mental - Steve Renwick. Audio CD
InterFlush - David Wilkes. Water saving device.
Canny Collar - Sean McElerron. Dog collar.
Pole Cats - Sarah Davies. Pole dancing.
Bedlam Puzzles - Danny Bamping.

Amanda Zuydervelt failed to impress the Dragons with her idea to provide a quality directory for middle class travellers but the web site continues to flourish at www.stylebible.com
Julia's Sisserou impressed the Dragons palates but they couldn't see an investment opportunity - judge for yourself at www.sisserou.co.uk
Jay Cousins gave a very confident presentation on his flat pack crockery for back packers and it was no surprise when first Dragon Theo Paphitis and then Rachel Elnaugh made offers. But he ultimately declined and went on to do well although apparently no longer appears to be trading?
No takers for She Wee, but still available at www.shewee.com and the same applies to www.smoodypod.com./. Tennis is Mental is still available through Amazon etc.
Interflush has been taken up by number of large companies, read more at www.interflush.co.uk. Canny dog collar is on sale at www.cannydogcollar.co.uk

Danny Bamping wanted investment for marketing his Bedlam Cube and eventually settled on a deal from Rachel Elnaugh and Theo Paphitis for £100,000 for 30% of the business. However, he eventually decided to keep control by taking a bank loan instead. You can purchase a Bedlam Cube or Crazee Cube from:

Episode 3Funky Flip Flops
Brand Theory - Dom Foulsham. Media storage.
Ultrashave - Bob Noburn. Natural shaving cream.
Accomm4students - William Berry. Student accommodation.
FunkiFlipFlops - Victoria Tringham. Flip Flops.
Bizzare Jewelry - Wade Royd Taylor.
Pixi Lighter Holder - Will Downing.
Elite Sports - Shaz Agar. Nutritional snacks.
Jetski - David Dunne & Mark Williams.
DegreeArt - Elimor Olisa & Isobel Beauchamp. Degree art sales
Roton - Kingsley Wright. New engine design.
Truly Madly Baby - Julie White. Party plan.

William Berry attracted a lot of interest from Theo and Doug with his student accommodation web site but ultimately they had their offer declined as William felt they were asking for too much equity. In fact after Wiliam left the two Dragons were criticised by the others for basically being too greedy and trying to manipulate William.
The site continues to trade at:

Truly Madly Baby is a party plan business which concentrates on mother and baby and was well presented by Julie White. Although the Dragons thought that the potential return was small and the forecast figures were too optimistic Julie did ultimately get an offer from Peter Jones as he saw a huge potential in online sales.
However Julie was later disappointed with the actual terms offered by Peter and decided to seek other means of financing.
You can find out more and sign up as a party planner yourself at:

Other applicants that were not successful in the show but continue to progress:
UltraShave www.moderngent.com/bob_norburn/shaving_indulgence.php

Episode 4Yaki Pack
Yakibox - David Mlynski. Japanese cooking experience.
Chocpix - Frank Lia. 3D images on chocolate.
K92 - Gary and Lindsay Shuttleworth. Dog waste collector.
Hip Clip - Darin Bainbridge. Hip flask holder.
Reefski - Robin Harris. Jet ski and underwater sub.
Circaroma Ltd - Barbara Scott and Steve Atkinson. Skin care products.
Concrete Canvas - Peter Brewin and Will Crawford.
Ambient Media - Jonathon Astor.
Fresh Pasta - Rob Bookham.
Chinese Ready Meals - Helen Tse.
Anti-Piracy Invention - Larry Thompson and Ron Vigna.
Baby Dream Machine Ltd - Graham Whitby and Barry Haigh.

The Dragons loved David Mlynski's Japanese food in a box idea and the food itself but couldn't see any investment opportunity. However the YakiBox continues to sell well and you can purchase one from:
For anyone who hates the horrible task of having to pick up dog poo when taking a dog for a walk, the K92 by the Shuttleworths has to be worth it's weight in gold. Peter Jones was the only Dragon who saw the benefit of such a device but although he heaped praise on the pair he couldn't find a way to invest. But you can still buy one yourself at:
Chocpix also failed to gain any support but went on to have success involved with Comic Relief.
Circaroma skin care products can be found at: www.ns-solutions.com/circaroma.html
Concrete Canvas was the brainwave of students Peter Brewin and Will Crawford and is a rapid construction idea to create bunker sized robust but lightweight structures very quickly - ideal for emergency situations. Unfortunately for the Dragons the idea was at too early a stage and their request for part of the funds to be used as salary did not go down too well. However you can still view the product at www.concretecanvas.org.uk
Ambient Media didn't provide much ambience to the Dragons but is still trading at www.ambientallstars.com
Bookham Pasta - www.bookhamcheese.co.uk
Baby Dream Machine were the very first applicants on the show in series 1 and failed the first time but were back for another try with a more polished performance. Unfortunately for Barry and Graham the Dragons couldn't agree to raise enough between them to invest.

Episode 5The KMX
Masti Games Ltd - Meenal Devani. Bollywood board game.
Natural Burial - Ed Green & Paul Ginns. Organic coffins and burials.
The Generating Company - Paul Cockle. Circus show.
Back Beauty - Caroline Wagstaff. Back cleaning device.
Prophet Designs Jewellery - William Prophet.
London Sport Magazine - Patrick Kelly.
Light Bulb Changer - Jo Solera.
Water Lights - Mark Strollery.
Sports Systems - Peter Morrison & Sharon Hinds. Football training device.
You Get It Back - Frank Halligan. Lost item recovery.
Atomic Toys - Thomas O'Connell. Outdoor sports vehicles.

This episode seems to have been one of the worst in terms of any long term successes but Paul Cockle was successful in procuring investment from Theo and Peter and they continue to have input to his circus company today. His company had started life in the Dome and was now looking to now compete globally.
Atomic Toys was the brainchild of Thomas O'Connell and was a proposed range of outdoor childs sports equipment to develop on from successes such as the BMX. He failed to convince the Dragons but did go on to trade for some time before eventually going into liquidation in 2009.

Episode 6Mode Al Presentation Hardware
Personal Trainer - Dave Raewlinson. PC software.
Headcam - Daniel Krywyj. Extreme sports webcam.
Respi Vest - Dr Mike Caine. Training vest.
Off Road Skateboard - Alyn Thomas.
Electronic Concierge - Chily Facher.
Res Ipsa Club - Craig Ian McAlpine. Luxury health club.
Relax Kids - Marneta Viegas. Relaxation techniques.
QeeZee Pads - Grant Dench and George Taylor.
Directory - Carlton Beckford. Freefone Directory
Stereoscopic Image System - Roger Bennett. 3d imaging.
Mode Al - David Lees. Advertising hardware displays.

Dave Rawlinson had a great idea of linking an exercise bike to a computer so that various video screens can be shown as a person uses the bike. He failed to convince the Dragons to get on their bike though. The Dragons did love the Headcam but because Daniel Krywyj had failed to secure a patent they felt it was too risky.
Dr Caine put up a stout and entertaining defence of his Respi vest but at the same time appeared to alienate the Dragons one by one.
Marneta Viegas came in with a unique pitch about her Kids Relaxation idea to charm the Dragons which nearly worked as the Dragons were intrigued. But the lack of business acumen was the downfall for Marneta. She is still trading however and you can find her at www.relaxkids.com

David Lees put up a good pitch to get £225,000 from the Dragons to help develop his plasma advertising screens. Theo and Duncan eventually agreed to offer the money but only in exchange for 50% of the business!
Mode Al continues to trade at www.mode-al.co.uk

Final Statistics for Series 2
There were a total of 5 successful appeals for investment whilst the show was being aired, and the total money committed on air was £710,000

Best wishes to all applicants past and future!
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