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The Dragons Den Series 3 August 2006

The Dragons in this series were Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Theo Paphitis and Richard Farleigh.

Episode 1
Stealth Table - Nick Nethercroft.
Nitty Gritty Ltd - Anneliese Pritchard.
NovaFlow - James Barnham and Ian Sillett.
Designer Dogwear - Traci Curran and Fatima Saifee.
Ecorider Ltd - Manochehr Salek.
Leaf Books - Cecilia Morreau.
Totally Different - Jacquie Edwards.
Houdini The Musical - Jamie Allen and Simon Lee.
Table Planner - Mike Daniels.
Disc Drive - Tina Johnson.
EggXactly - James Seddon.

NovaFlow was a brilliant idea by James Barnham as a solution to overflowing baths and the Dragons were all quick to spot an opportunity. However their offers were eventually declined and instead the pair managed to source funding from other sources and have gone on from strength to strength. Read more at www.nova-flo.com
Leaf Books still continues to trade at www.leafbooks.co.uk
Jacquie Edwards was unable to convince the Dragons to invest in her furry loo covers but has gone on to have success with her disposable toilet seat covers at www.totallyflushies.co.uk
The Table Planner by Mike Daniels is about providing individual stationery services for events such as weddings, christmas dinners etc. You can still order through www.thetableplanner.com
James Seddon gave a polished performance which was only marred by forgetting to actually put an egg in to his brilliant egg boiling machine invention to begin with and then the machine letting him down, and then running out of eggs!
However, he still managed to get an offer of investment from Richard and Peter for 40% off the company between them. The business has ran into problems in actually manufacturing the device but you can now keep up to date with it's progress at www.eggxactly.com

Episode 2Belly Busters Game
Kardoctor - Lee Wood.
The Bonks - Christine Clayton & Pauline Bacon.
Empty Me - Asli Bohane.
Steak on the Stone - Nick Matcalf.
Snip Snap - Marion Burns.
EasyXChair - Peter Ashley.
Spider Platform - Kevin Peter Bray.
Belly Busters - Sue Andrews.
Moon Hair Remover - Susan Ayton.
Alpine Cleaning - Gary Taylor.

Asli Rohane wanted to develop her business into a brand name. She had developed a picnic bag which converts to a rug for sitting on and had ideas for other developments. Most of the Dragons liked the product but weren't too impressed with Asli predictions of low profit margins. Debra did make an offer but wanted 51% of the company so that she could control the Brand development. Asli decided to reject that offer and still continues to develop her products through www.empty-me.com
Steak on the Stone failed to excite the Dragons but continues to sell at www.steakstones.com
EasyXChair is a combined armchair and exercise machine and can still be purchased at www.easyxchair.com
Sue Andrews had the idea of board games to help kids learn the benefits of healthy eating and you can read more at www.bellybustersgame.com
Gary Taylor was already well on his way to developing his truck cleaning service and had grand plans to make it a nationwide franchise. The Dragons were very well impressed with his professionalism. Deborah and Theo eventually agreed to invest however Gary then later decided to go it alone and achieve investment through other means. www.uktruckclean.com

Episode 3Soft Paws
The Knowledge - Gerard Tomnay.
UR-In The Paper - Rebecca Philipson.
Itsa - David and Sarah Glashan.
Chicurela - Laura Chicurel.
Tidy Tower - Simon Baldwin.
Crystal Boots - Bunny Hargreaves.
Soft Paws - Peter To.
Sleepcatcher - Daniel Chipchase.
Shadow Robot - Marc De Gentile Williams.
First Light Solutions - Matthew Hazell.

The Knowledge was Gerard Tomnay's idea to put London taxi driver's required understanding of the layout of London to good use by offering a premium rate service to anyone needing directions. It is still in use today - go to www.theknowledge.com
Rebecca Philipson received a lot of praise from the Dragons although none wanted to invest in her personalised newspaper idea. However the publicity achieved did help launch the business and it has gone on from strength to strength. You can purchase your own personalised paper at www.inthepaper.co.uk
The Itsa is a beach towel combined with storage pockets which got short shrift from the Dragons but has since gone on to sell in thousands. www.theitsa.com
Luxury leather specialist Laura Chicurel also failed to subdue the Dragons but still continues to trade at www.chicurela.com
Soft Paws was a great idea to protect people and furnishings from sharp cat and dog claws. You can still but a set for your own pet at www.spuk.com
The Shadow Robot company failed to win investment as it was basically more of a research and development business rather than any specific products for retail. It is till continuing to develop though and you can read more at www.shadowrobot.com
The only successful appeal for money was made by Matthew Hazell who had the enviable task of playing off Peter and Richard against each other to achieve the best possible deal for his invention. This was a life saving warning and tracking device to be worn by sailors which would activate in the event of them falling overboard. The business still continues to develop and Richard is still a director. www.firstlightsolutions.co.uk

Episode 4YogaBugs
Foot Therapy Clinic - Adam Marshall.
Platinium - Peter Myers.
YogaBugs - Fenella Lindsell and Lara Goodbody.
Nydeas - Tim Nye.
Swirlezee - Elizabeth Light and Michelle Jones.
Q-Top - Roark McMasterrork McMaster.
DIY art systems - Mike Edwards.
Bubble House Worm Farming - Shelia Nelson and Nike Finister.
Panoptics - Nick Crossland.
MixAlbum - Ian Chamings.

Yoga for children went down well with the Dragons and had them competing to offer a deal, but eventually Fenella and Lara decided that they did now want to give away 30% of their YogaBugs business to the Dragons and have since gone on to establish the business through other means. www.yogabugs.com
Ian Cummings received an offer from Richard but eventually decided to accept the joint offer from Theo and Deborah for his software DJ mixing idea and you can read more at www.mixalbum.com

Episode 5Coaching Football
Caledonian Airways - Peter Matheson.
Green and Kerley - Shelley Green, Lydia and Annabel Kerley.
ID Scan - Tamlyn Thompson.
Coaching Ball - Mark and Wendy Litherland.
Easy Tank - Jim Tucker.
Twisted Martini - April Hutchen.
Heritage Tables - Paul and Tom Simpson.
Puck Puzzles - Richard Kitching.
Chrex Crayfish - Tony Redfearn.
Dr Cap - Richard Lee and Daren Duraidi.

Tamlyn Thompson turned down investment offered by the Dragons as they wanted too high a percentage of his coat id system for clubs. If you have a club yourself you may want to check out the system at www.idscan.co.uk
Coaching ball is a football skills training aid which can be purchased from www.coachingball.co.uk
Heritage Tables continues to trade in hand made furniture at www.castlejigsaw.com
Duncan Bannatyne took the plunge and invested in fashion cap business Dr Cap and you can treat yourself to one at www.drcap.co.uk

Episode 6Polo Shirt
Baby Grippa - Gavin David.
Axis Keyboard - Peter Davis.
Eve'olution Solutions - Jude Camplin & Chrissie Shaw.
Fraudguard - John Tradewll.
Polistas - John Moreland Lynn.
Caddy Motion - John Mooney and Andy O'Reilly.
Zippety Duvet - Nicky Carter.
Golden Chimes - John Hewitt & Darren Woodyer.
Nuts Poker League - Stephen Bellis.

Polistas failed to secure investment but has gone on to expand their designer polo clothing range, read more at www.polistas.co.uk
Stephen Bellis received offers from 4 of the Dragons to invest in his idea of creating a national poker league for pubs. He eventually accepted the offer from Theo and Deborah but couldn't find time to sign the agreement with them so has had to develop the business himself. You can sign up at www.thenutspokerleague.com

Episode 7Jivana Cards
Storycode - Steve Johnson.
Pourfect - Jason Bayliffe.
Garden Gopher - Rachel Price.
Bing Bang Bong - Paul Marshall.
Talking Tooth Timer - Sharon Palmer.
Crickhitter - David Daniels.
Jivana - Samantha Alfred.
4x4 Razor Blades - Mark Hesketh.
Autosafe - Peter Sesay.

Pourfect was a great simple idea to improve pouring of any liquids within the bottle itself. Although Jason Bayliffe failed to gain investment from the Dragons he has gone on to develop it through various partnerships. www.pourfect.co.uk
Bing Bang Bong continues to produce superior outdoor musical instruments www.bingbangbong.com
Jivana ethnic greeting cards received a bit of a roasting from the Dragons but has had the last laugh by going on to succees with www.jivanastyle.com
Mark Hesketh is still seeking business partners for his new razor idea - http://www.heskethrazor.com
Dragons Peter and Duncan were impressed enough with Peter Sesay's life saving seatbelt adjustment device to offer a joint investment. You can purchase one through Amazon.co.uk

Episode 8New Trunki
Trunki - Rob Law.
Pi in the Sky - Tara Dayer-Smith & Howard Letch.
Skyrota - Richard Chadwick.
Smart Charts - Abiola Ajaye-Obe.
Coin Metrics - Ian Daintith & Richard Adams.

Probably one of the most memorable gaffs by the Dragons was to miss out on the Trunki opportunity. Most parents watching the show could immediately see the attraction of ride-on kids suitcases with wheels and Rob Law has went on to prove how successful a simple idea can be. You can buy one at www.trunki.co.uk
The Dragons could see potential however in an innovative wind turbine design but couldn't see an investment opportunity in Skyrota. You can decide for yourself and find out where to buy at www.skyrota.com
Coin Metric received an offer from Deborah and Theo for their amusement machine software and eventually sold out the company to a rival for over £600000.

Final Statistics for Series 3
There were a total of 8 successful appeals for investment whilst the show was being aired, and the total money committed on air was £1,040,000

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