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Series 4 February 2007
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The Dragons in this series were Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Theo Paphitis and Richard Farleigh.

Episode 1
Get Your Head Round It - Steve Wright.
Woolie Warmer - Sally Howe.
Igloo - Anthony Coates-Smith and Alistair Turner.
Safety In Hand - Mike Carr.
SmartSlice - Tim Jones.
Kucci Kukui - Dr Gili Kucci.
Ollypops - Olly Dallish.
Miniwebs - Sarah Tierney and Sarah Jackson.
Reggae Reggae Sauce - Levi Roots.

First on the show in this series was Steve Wright looking for an investment in his puppet show for teenagers to tackle delinquency issues etc. Although the Dragons couldn't see any investment potential it does seem a worthy cause and if you are in the teaching profession you may want to take a look at the site www.getyourheadroundit.co.uk
Igloo became the first major success for the TV show when just a short time after getting an investment from Duncan and Richard their company became valued at £4m. Their cold van delivery service business was already well on the way to success and the Dragons gave it the extra nudge to hit the big time. www.igloo-thermo.com
Mike Carr was ridiculed for his one glove idea to help people remember to drive on the other side of the road when abroad but you can still buy one at www.safetyinhand.com
Kucci Kukui is stress relieving creams and treatments for busy business people, but Dr Kucci failed to impress the Dragons with her grasp of the figures, though is still trading at www.eczema-creams.co.uk
Olly Dallish also failed to convince the Dragons to invest in his surf towel teaching aid but you can still buy one yourself at www.ollypopsurf.com
Possibly the most well known applicant is Levi Roots and you may well have seen Reggae Reggae Sauce on sale at your local supermarket. Despite massive confusion over the figures, Dragons Peter and Richard shocked everyone by offering investment. www.reggae-reggae.co.uk

Episode 2iTeddy
Ling's Cars - Ling Valentine.
Tapanyaki Grill - Paul Hope and Michael Smith.
Orthotic Group Gait - David Cosgrave and Travis McDonough.
Varsity Wrestling - Tom Jones.
Spider Grabrake - John Darlington.
Ben'je - Kate and Jerry Daly.
Energy Saving Kettle - Andrew Blee.
Foam Dynamics - Chrissi Hewitt-Jones.
iTeddy - Imran Hakim.

Ling Valentine comes across as daft as a brush but is a shrewd business woman and achieved some excellent publicity after turning down the Dragons. Even just for entertainment value it's always worth visiting Ling's contract hire website at www.lingscars.com
Peter and Theo saw potential in Imran Hakim's iTeddy idea and were quick to grasp the opportunity to invest in a 21st century product which can now be purchased at most top retailers www.iteddy.com

Episode 3RotaMate Rain Cover
Steplock - Ian Softley.
Phoneybox - Andrew Peters.
Rotamate - Roger Hind.
Goodbye My Pet - Debbie Orme.
Teddy Tennis - Richard and Steven Bean.
Tango - Vivian Blick.
Med De Tour Ltd - Prem Singh.
Fire Escape Ltd - Reggie Donnell.
Razzamataz - Denise Hutton.

The Dragons broke the world record for fitting dragons into a replica phonebox but failed to see a reason to invest. Why not buy one yourself though as a real unusual feature for your home or office. www.thephoneybox.com
Roger Hind impressed the Dragons as a young inventor with a simple but brilliant idea - rain protection for rotary washing lines. Richard and Deborah invested in the idea and the inventor. www.rotamate.net
Teddy Tennis is a franchise sport music and fun idea for kids www.teddytennis.com
Tango is an innovative company focusing on green product development. The Dragons were concerned about the lack of patent for his water powered battery so declined to invest but the company continues to progress www.tangogroup.net
Razzamataz was a franchising business to develop staging schools across the UK. It was already up and running so Denise gave a confident pitch up to a point before the Dragons realised she wasn't totally clear on what their money would be used for. Fortunately Dragon Duncan saw the potential and shocked the Dragons by simply offering exactly what Denise wanted and you can read more at www.razzamataztheatreschools.co.uk

Episode 4Mummy Mitts
Foldio - Christian Lane.
Jet Sleeper - Tim Williams.
Applied Language Solutions - Gavin Wheeldon.
SJM Baby Products - Sandra-Johnson Murphy.
Horse Mirrors - Meru Ullah &Peter Wikes.
Golf Trolley - Mike Catling.
Mummy Mitts - Anna Dickson.
CU Products - Jack McGenily.
Tidy Kleen - Jon Wickham &Paul Haigh.
Foot Deodoriser - KC Jones.

Christian Lane impressed the Dragons with his art work carrying case and also with himself. Theo invested in him and his future development and you can purchase a Foldio today at http://www.foldio.co.uk
Jet Sleeper got the laughter treatment from the Dragons but the idea is still a good one and if you need a good rest on your next flight why not try out www.jetsleeper.com
Gavin Wheeldon already had a multi million turnover but the numbers didn't add up for the Dragons. If you need a professional translation service you can go to www.appliedlanguage.com
Mummy Mitts is a great idea to stop mums of young babies losing their gloves when having to make mobile phone calls, attending to the baby etc. www.mummymitts.com
KC Jones won investment from Deborah and Richard for his microwave footwear de-odoriser but subsequently the deal fell through due to lack of a patent on his device. www.klenz-distribution.com

Episode 5Safe T Light
EDV Videos - Richard Williamson.
JVB Finger Placements - John Binks.
Safe T First - Chris Haines.
Doculock - Alison Davies.
Fruity Faces - Paige Allen &Roberth Taberna.
Bella Vita International - Karen Johnson.
Mansized - Will Callaghan.
Scents of Time - David Pybus.

EDV Videos wanted £250000 for his business idea of producing family orientated videos on a bespoke basis. The Dragons liked the idea but not the numbers. Still going strong though at www.edv.uk.com
Chris Haines had a bright idea of a constantly charged torch which could be easily found in the event of a power cut. The business opportunity split the Dragons but Deborah and Theo liked the inventor and agreed an investment. www.safetlight.co.uk
Fruity Faces fruit cases failed to impress the Dragons with her charitable based business plan but still available to buy at www.fruityfaces.com
Mansized was a mens magazine idea www.mansized.co.uk
David Pybus was an unlikely business to invest in for the Dragons as perfume is normally dominated by large global companies and his seemingly informal attitude to business alienated some of the Dragons. However, Peter and Theo did surprise the others by agreeing to invest and you can find out the latest at www.scentsoftime.co.uk

Episode 6Isis Adventure
Invisible Coach - Myra Ostacchini.
Tilemate - Stuart Saunders.
Isis - Andrew Reeves and Dave Thomas.
Halo - Matthew Brown.
Suave - Kunle Abidakun and Keynes Emeruwa.
Standby Saver - Peter Ensinger and David Baker.

Isis puzzle game didn't inspire the Dragons but has built up a good following www.isisadventure.co.uk
Halo anti drink spiking advice also failed to secure backing but Mathhew Brown continues to develop the product - read more.
All five Dragons were however very impressed with the Standby Saver which basically switches off devices that are on Standby so as to save electricity. In a very unusual deal all the Dragons agreed on a joint investment in the product which is now available in many high street brands. You can find out more at www.standby-saver.co.uk

Final Statistics for Series 4
There were a total of 10 successful appeals for investment whilst the show was being aired, and the total money committed on air was £975,000

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