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Series 5 October 2007

The Dragons in this series were Duncan Bannatyne, James Caan, Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis.

Episode 1
Double Dates - Andy Harmer.
Thydrys - Sharon Merritt.
Beach Break Live - Celia Norowzian and Ian Forshew.
Furriballs - Robbie Berge.
Dates with Mates - David Cohen and Teddy Leifer.
Cowley's Fine Foods - Martin and Susan Cowley.
Nobby Travels - Darren Spence.
Soap Pods - Penny Morgan.
Tuc Tuc - Dominic Ponniah.
Midas Touch - Laban Roomes.He received investment from James Caan.

David Beckham lookalike Andy Harmer faltered in front of the Dragons but was still able to get a half offer from James although no one else would match it even though Peter enthused about the whole idea. But you can still hire them at www.celebrityexperience.eu
Beach Break Live did get the Dragons bidding against each other and eventually secured an investment from Peter but ultimately decided to link up with Outgoing Travel instead and still continue to organise music festivals.
Dates with Mates is about taking the scariness out of blind dating by taking a mate with you. Not one for the Dragons but still going strong at www.greatdoubledate.com
Childrens book writer Darren Spence failed to excite the Dragons but check it out at www.nobbytravels.com
Penny Morgan also failed to clean up with her organic soap products but they can still be purchased at www.soapods.com
Tuc Tuc motorised rickshaws in the UK were the brainchild of Dominic Ponniah and he did go on to develop the business himself. You can read more about them at http://www.tuctuc.co.uk
Midas Touch plates ordinary metallic items with gold plate and Laban Roomes had the idea to franchise the business. Most of the Dragons liked him but saw no investment potential but James Caan did however make a surprise offer which Laban accepted. The business has developed significantly and you can catch up on the latest at www.midastouch.goldgenie.com

Episode 2YouDoo Doll
Youdoodolls - Sarah Lu.
Spot on Golf - Les Laing.
Sweet Counter - Chris Mayo.
Cavemen's Bat Guano - Micheal Whitam.
ibox - Masuma Fatima.
On Target - Chris Lomas.
Swanky or Spanky - Dawn Dines.
Kebabacue - Philip Metcalfe.
Gaming Alerts - Emmie Matthews and Ed Stephens.

Sarah Lu impressed Deborah Meaden enough with her DIY personal dolls and you can purchase one yourself at www.youdoosuperhero.co.uk
Les Laing didn't do well in front of the Dragons but still continues to trade at www.spot-ongolf.com
The Dragons weren't impressed with Dawn Dines pitch on her laudable advice site for nightclubbers www.swankyorspanky.co.uk
One of the biggest Den investments was made by Theo in the online gambling news source website by Emmie Matthews and Ed Stephens. £200000 was offered to help promote www.gamingalerts.co.uk

Episode 3Cuddle Dry
Tangle Teezer - Shaun Pulfrey.
Hot Stove - Al Brown and John Pordum.
Cuddledry - Helen Wooldridge and Polly Marsh.
Peaches of London - Dina Parbat.
RnB Nursery Rhymes - Eddie Anderson.
Shuc - Jill Parkinson.
Wheelie Spray - Steve Boyce and Paul Chisolme.
Edit UK - Mark Wood.
Concentrate Design - Mark Champkins.

Tangled hair problem? Not something the Dragons worry about obviously but a detangler is a great idea and you can buy one at www.tangleteezer.org
Cuddledry is a safe baby towel designed by mums for mums. Deborah and James made offers but wanted too much equity. www.cuddledry.com
Nursery rhymes set to RnB music was the brainchild of Eddie Anderson and the CD is still on sale at www.rnbnurseryrhymes.co.uk
The Dragons were all bemused by Jill Parkinson's travel shower head holder but you can still purchase one at Amazon www.amazon.co.uk
Mark Champkins came across as the daft inventor with no business sense but Peter liked him and his current and potential future inventions and invested £100000 in him. www.concentrate.org.uk

Episode 4Cush N Shade
Reestore - Max McMurdo.
Tipsy Feet - Helen Jones and Sancha Hopkins.
Dance of the Goblins - Denise Channing.
Moo-Vit - John Nairn.
Teach Mix - Dominic Gleeson.
Aquanought - Shakil Mussa and Leon Hamlet.
Box Tidy - Vince Castiglia.
Angel Heart - Georgina Bingham.
Cush'n'Shade - Jamie Jenkinson.

Recycled waste into furniture and recycling containers? Most of the Dragons dismissed the idea as a non starter but Deborah and Theo shocked them all by investing in Max McMurdo www.reestore.com
Forget the agony of designer shoes at a nightclub - carry a comfortable pair in your bag. Buy a pair at PrezzyBox www.prezzybox.com
Childrens light switches didn't appeal to the Dragons but Georgina Bingham has gone on to develop other ideas. www.angelheartinc.com
Portable sunshade was inspired by Jamie Jenkinson's mum who loved sunbathing a bit too much. The cushion combined with a UV protection shade went down well with Peter and Deborah who agreed a joint investment. www.cushnshade.com

Episode 5WaterBuoy
3D Heckler - David Field and Ali Kord.
Twin Peaked Hats - Camilla Frederick.
Waterbuoy - James Halliburton.
Goalband - Vaughan Lovelock and Greg Rank.
Floataway - Gini and Colin Stanwell-Smith.
Cream Cutie - Anne Hempstock.
Radiator Convectors - David Hatdon.
BamZ - Andrew Brodie.
Hungryhouse - Shane Lake and Tony Charles.

James Halliburton had the Dragons competing to invest in his self inflating key fob for sailors that inflates when it hits the water and is easy to find again. Although Peter and Theo did offer the money, James ultimately decided to go it alone and has done really well since then. www.water-buoy.com
Goalband is a device to help footballers hit the target more often, but it missed the target with the Dragons. www.goalband.co.uk
Float away therapy tanks also failed to enthuse the Dragons www.floataway.com
Anne Hempstock was a memorable applicant but couldn't sway an investment for her innovative liqueur. Try it yourself www.creamcutie.co.uk
Hungryhouse did win investment from James and Duncan but like some other successes on the show the deal did falter in the fine print and Shane and Tony had to find investment elsewhere for their online database of takeaways and restaurants in your area. www.hungryhouse.co.uk

Episode 6Caribbean Ready Meals
Back to the Movies - Sid Sims.
Dig 'n' Drive - Jonathan Hewitt.
Steri Spray - Ian Helmore.
Lemongold - Ruby Spolia and Amita Simons.
Swamp Soccer - Stewart Miller.
Yes! Superbaby! - Susan Chisty.
Flo Sta - Paul Allen and Leo Carlile.
Premier Corporate Training - Bruce Durham.
Caribbean Ready Meals - Mark and Eleanor Davis.

Steri Spray is a system for sterilising shower heads and Deborah and Theo saw the benefit and have helped the company develop rapidly. www.steri-spray.com
Football in the mud seemed too bizarre to the Dragons www.swampsoccer.co.uk
Extreme team building was impressively presented by Bruce Durham but the Dragons couldn't see an investment opportunity www.premiercorporatetraining.co.uk
Caribbean ready meals appealed to James and Duncan and is available in some major supermarkerts. www.caribbeanreadymeals.com

Episode 7RoboShark
Fit Fur Life - Sammy French.
Malagassy - Neil Kelsall.
Hydrodome - Andrew Sneath.
Minicat - Rowan Brook.
Noah's, Arc Factory - Tanya Thomas.
Primoris - Sam Wrigglesworth.
Handygirl - Hafida Sarachi.
The Mac Strap - Roark McMaster.
JPM Eco Logistics - Jerry Mantalvanos and Paul Merker.

Sammy French impressed James Caan with her dog exercise treadmills and he has invested and helped the company go global www.fitfurlife.com
Hydrodome was an ambitious project by inventor Andrew Sneath to provide a facility for his underwater experiences and also his famous robotic shark. He continues to develop the plan and his machinery and you can actually rent a robotic shark at www.hydrodome.com
Mini Cat is an inflatable catamaran that can fit into a car. www.minicat-uk.com
Handy Girl provides the feminine touch for home repair services. www.handygirl.biz
JPM Eco Logistics enthused the Dragons with their Eco friendly idea for hauliers and it received investment from Deborah and Theo. Despite doing well initially it appears to have become a victim of the recession and is possibly one of the few failures of the Dragons.

Episode 8ChocBox Connector
TingoTang - Clare Sagar and Gill Kirtland.
Mr Stripey - Jon Hemmings.
Magnetic Connection - Amthony Clough.
Whatsyatag - Barry Halliday.
Infra-Red Handy Dryer - Matthew White.
Happy Horse - Aline Holmes.
Dolphin Alarms - John Barstead and Mark Tracy.
Seraphina - Peter Caddick and Deborah Coates.
ElectroExpo - Peter Moule.

Mr Stripey ice cream dispenser is still on sale at www.mrstripey.com
Magnetic Connection was a good idea by designer Anthony Clough for easy change light bulbs. The Dragons felt he had seriously over-valued the business and had over engineered a solution. Judge for yourself at www.magneticbulb.com
Marketing help? Try www.whatsyatag.com
Dolphin Alarm alerts parents if a child fell into a swimming pool. www.dolphinalarms.com
Seraphina is a device to help pregnant women maintain and return to their former figure quickly. www.seraphina.co.uk
ElectroExpo was one of those incredibly simple but brilliant ideas in which Duncan and James immediately saw the potential and invested in Peter Moule. You can read more and find out where to buy the electrical connector at www.chocbox.info

Episode 9About Time Game
Tidy Tree Sack - Tim Lloyd.
About Time - Iain McGill and Joe Gill.
Love Unzipped - Suzanne Colbert.
Black Hole - John and Fiona Chambers.
Red Button Design - Amanda Jones and James Brown.

About Time is a board game based on guessing famous dates. www.abouttimeboardgame.com
Black Hole is another board game still on sale. www.qbgame.co.uk/blackhole.php
A major hit with the Dragons was Amanda Jones and James Brown. They wanted to develop a design for a water purification device that held huge promise for helping drought affected countries. All five Dragons invested. www.thisisredbutton.co.uk

Final Statistics for Series 5
There were a total of 14 successful appeals for investment whilst the show was being aired, and the total money committed on air was £1,540,000

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