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Series 6 July 2008

The Dragons in this series were Duncan Bannatyne, James Caan, Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis.

Episode 1
Hamfatter - Jamie Turner
Lean On Cushion - Matthew Ryan
Air Oasis - Barry Ritchie and Paul Lobo
Baby Station - Kate Ingram and Al Jiminez
Strike Trainer - Barry Piorkowski
Laylines - Jon Foster-Smith and Ros Adams
Gradulicious - Matt Kepple
Paradise Paddles - Greig Pearson
D4M - Julia Charles and Amy Goldthorpe

Hamfatter indie band were a surprise investment for Peter Jones. Read the latest at www.hamfatter.net
Air Oasis failed to impress the Dragons and in fact they were very annoyed with the pitch, but the water generator and purifier still continue to be developed.
Baby Station pleased the Dragons but they couldn't see an investment opportunity for this supportive device for the very young. However you can still purchase one at www.babystation.com
Matt Kepple also failed to impress with his graduate networking idea but you can find out more yourself at www.makeyourmarkconnect.org/gradulicious
D4M event management did enthuse the Dragons enough that they competed against each other to invest and James and Duncan finally secured the deal between them. www.d4mltd.co.uk

Episode 2Neurotica
Saboteur Crime Prevention - Samantha Gore
Booster Blades - Bryan Rawlings
Diamond Geezer - Clive Billings
Greet Me Eat Me - Paul Hartley
Professor Putty - Jeremy Whitticase read more
Carbon 6 - Richard Mires
Chilly Billy - Jeremy and Alexia Benson
Baby On Board - Amanda Adique
Neurotica - Victoria McGrane

Samantha Gore is an inventor of anti-theft devices but had a difficult time on the Den as her fake tv product let her down in the pitch. Still a good idea though. www.saboteurcrimeprevention.com
Booster Blades failed to attract investment but you can read the latest at www.booster-blades.com
Clive Billings already had a well known name in the loose diamond trade and almost achieved investment from the Dragons but couldn't agree the numbers. www.diamondgeezer.com
Greet Me Eat Me is an edible greetings card for dogs. www.doggyfashion.co.uk
Space Putty didn't appeal to the Dragons but still available at www.spaceputty.com
Chilly Billy is a 100% fruit ice lolly which failed to excite the Dragons but still available, read more at www.bensonsapplejuice.co.uk
Victoria McGrain really impressed the Dragons personally but they did worry about her numbers. Peter stunned the others by offering more than was asked for - a Den first. www.thisisneurotica.co.uk

Episode 3Barbeskew
Shoes Galore - Lesley Ann Simmonds
Roadkill Toys - Adam Arbor + Charlie Bradshaw
Light Emotions - Ming Yun
Monkey Trunks - Hazel Ives
Barbeskew - Ed Wray
Very PC - Peter Hopton
Kooky Cookies - Tania Smith + Melanie Snoad
Misfuelling Prevention Device - Michael Cotton

Shoes Galore is a party plan selling very colourful fashion shoes. Not one for the Dragons. www.shoes-galore.co.uk
Totally tasteless but with quite a following now - Roadkill Toys - see for yourself at www.roadkilltoys.com
Light Emotions was a surprise investment from Peter Jones in Oxford scientist Ming Yun's glow in the dark glasses www.lightemotions.com
Monkey Trunks seemed a total pie-in-the-sky idea to open an adventure park in the USA and got short shrift from the Dragons but does seem to be up and running now www.monkeytrunks.com
Barbeskew didn't appeal either but the unique barbecue rotating spit device can still be purchased at www.barbeskew.com
Very PC was a laudable business focusing on developing energy efficient computers, but the Dragons gave Peter Hopton a real roasting due to their perception of his forecast company value. The business still continues to develop however and you can find out more at www.very-pc.co.uk
The Dragons loved the Kooky Cookies personal cookies idea but couldn't invest. Treat yourself at www.kookycookies.co.uk
Brilliant idea from Michael Cotton earned an investment from Theo and Deborah for his device to prevent accidentally filling up your diesel car with petrol www.misfuellingprevention.co.uk

Episode 4RapStrap
Fresh Olive Oil Club - Michael North
Perky Pants - Brian James
Buggy Boot - Charlotte Evans + Carolyn Jarvis
Visor Vision - Mark Heighton
Poo Pod - Sue Bell
Formula 1 Driver - Robert + Ian Hall
Mobile Tracking - Gian Carlo Calderino
Articulate Gallery - Colin Gilchrist
Rap Strap - Andrew Harsley

Think you should be in an exclusive members only Olive Oil Club? The Dragons didn't think so but you still can at http://www.oliveoilclubs.com/events.htm
Brian James failed to impress with his 'enhanced' mens underwear. www.jameswinston.uk.com
Deborah invested in a storage system for pushchairs www.buggyboot.com
The Dragons loved the Visor Vision idea for motorcycle helmets but no investment was offered. www.visorvision.co.uk
Poo Pod dog poo collector also impressed the Dragons but again they couldn't see any investment opportunity. www.poopod.com
The Dragons were impressed enough with with Articulate Gallery picture frames for kids to buy some themselves but not to invest. www.articulategallery.co.uk
The major success in this episode was Andrew Harsley's RapStrap. Despite giving 50% of the company away it would seem to have been a shrewd move to get Dragons Duncan and James on board and meant an instant road to market for the reuseable plastic tie www.rapstrap.com

Episode 5 (Watch it on YouTube)Golf Trolley Hedgehog Wheels
Magic Whiteboard - Neil + Laura Westwood
Loop - Jan Sesnick
FB1 - Frank Bisson
Hedgehog Fairway Protector - Frank Houser + Dennis Lansbury
Car Safety Vest - Bilfer Ecin
IFoods.tv - Niall Harbison + Sean Fee
Glow Inc - Caroline King
Airhead Hard Hat - Andrew Cunningham
Planit Products - Guy Unwin + Caroline Kavanagh

Magic Whiteboard impressed Deborah and Theo enough to invest. www.magicwhiteboard.co.uk
Frank Bisson had invented a cure for split ends with his glass cutting device but upset the Dragons with an over-long pitch. www.frankbisson.com
The Hedgehog Fairway Protector was a good idea for stopping golf trolleys damaging fairways but not one for the Dragons. Still on sale at various outlets though, read more at www.hedgehoggolf.com
Cooking videos networking site iFoods.tv disappointed the Dragons as they had a similar named competitor and it looks like they took the Dragons advice to change it.. www.lookandtaste.com
Colourful T-Shirts for kids. www.glow-inc.com
Guy Unwin is an inventor with various products including Toastabags. James Caan invested. http://shop.toastabags.com

Episode 6Magic Pizza
Ladder Box - Jeff + Rob Hill
Hi Visibility Luggage Tag - Ian Mann
Sculpture Studio - Guy Portelli
Interim Shoe - Daniel Rogers
Blow Me - Sam Rose
Juliette's Interiors - Juliette Thomas
Nod Off - Caroline Smart
3G Mobile Dating - Romi Parma
Magic Pizza - Raymond Smith

Ladder Box is an ingenious toolbox that fits on to any stepladder. The Dragons were bemused by the father and son pitch though and didn't invest. www.ladderbox.co.uk
Guy Portelli won investment from Peter, Theo and James for his sculpture range www.portelli-sculptor.co.uk
Blow Me is a corporate alcohol breath testing service. www.alcoholbreathtesting.com
Juliette's Interiors is a bespoke interior design service focused on French furniture. www.juliettesinteriors.co.uk
Caroline Smart couldn't convince the Dragons to invest in her language learning courses, but they are still for sale on Amazon www.amazon.co.uk
Mobile phone dating wasn't for the Dragons either but sign up yourself at www.the3gdatingagency.com
Raymond Smith initially amused but eventually impressed the Dragons with his Magic Pizza cooking device to ensure pizzas are evenly cooked. Peter and Theo invested. www.magicpizza.co.uk

Episode 7Blinds In A Box
Blinds In A Box Dominic Lawrence, Simeone Salik + Janice Dalton
Luckners Auction House - Simon and Gabby Lukner
Slim Curry Sauce - Tiny Deol
The Career Mole - Christian Hall + Oliver Perry
Baby Go - Elizabeth Pimm
Discrete Heat - Martin Wadsworth
Pop It Out - Paul Sonnabend + John Pepperell
Easy Shelf - John + Gerald Abraham
Tiny Box - Christian Richardson + Rachel Watkyn

James and Duncan invested straight away in the quick fix temporary blinds business, Blinds In A Box. www.blindsinabox.co.uk
Healthy curry sauces. www.tinydeol.com
Baby Go individual nappy changes seemed like a good idea to evryone apart from the Dragons. Still on sale at www.babygonappychange.com
Innovative heating system disguised as skirting board. www.discreteheat.co.uk
Pop It Out Ice Cream www.monglace.com
Recycled packaging impressed the Dragons with it's ecological business ethic and Peter and Theo invested. www.tinyboxcompany.co.uk

Episode 8Road Refresher
Baby Loves Disco - Naomi Timperly + Andy Hurwitz
Beyond Boyle - Simon Boyle
Road Refresher - Natalie Ellis
SuperSpout - David Holdsworth
Minor 2 Major - Jeanette Contant-Galitello
ProWaste Management - Paul Tinton

Baby Loves Disco for parents and toddlers appealed only to Deborah but they declined her offer. www.babylovesdisco.co.uk
Corporate facilities with a socialist basis dramatically impressed the Dragons but they couldn't see a business opportunity. www.beyondboyle.com
Road Refresher is another of those ones that got away from the Dragons. They could see it's potential but didn't agree with Natalie's business plan. It has now gone on to huge success, particularly in the States where even the US President has one. www.roadrefresher.com
Superspout non spill nozzle. www.superspout.com
Personalised ring tones www.givesongs.com
Another ecological investment came the way of Paul Tinton from Deborah and Duncan for his great idea to recycle waste from construction sites. www.prowaste.co.uk

Final Statistics for Series 6
There were a total of 14 successful appeals for investment whilst the show was being aired, and the total money committed on air was £1,468,000

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