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Series 7 July 2009

The Dragons in this series were Duncan Bannatyne, James Caan, Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis.

Episode 1
Sweet-Escott Aviation Ltd - Rupert Sweet-Escott
U Star Novels - Katie Olver
Westhawk - Eddie Middleton
Anti Wrinkle Hat - Ruis Baretta Resoulle(apologies for wrong spelling, can anyone correct it?)
Kemp Controller - Samatha Kemp
Apocalypse Ltd - Alan Mandel Butler
Happy Cat Collar - Phil Crisp
Stolat Vodka - Anna and Mark Gizesky
TrueCall Ltd - Steve Smith

Inventor Rupert Sweet-Escott totally bemused the Dragons but enchanted James enough to invest in his pedal power air-bike. www.airbikeuk.co.uk
The Dragons were also amused and embarassed by starring in personalised novels by Katie Olver but couldn't see an investment opportunity. Buy one for yourself at www.ustarnovels.com
Outside patio heaters interested the Dragons but no deal could be agreed. www.chillchaser.co.uk
Horse harness device for unruly horses. http://www.kempcontroller.com
The horror production company Apocalypse horrified the Dragons. www.apocalypseltd.com
Happy Cat Collar is a cat friendly collar that comes off if the cat gets snagged on anything and is choking. www.happycatcollars.com
TrueCall is a nuisance call blocking plug-in device that Peter saw potential in and invested. www.truecall.co.uk

Episode 2Bass Tones Slap
BassToneSlap - Richard Enion + Michael Davis
Roto Suite - David Thomas
The Wholeleaf Co - Adejare Doherty
Blouse & Skirt - Beverley Binda
London Whistle - Peter Giles + Beate Szparaga
Professional Poker Player - JJ Hazan
My Finance Safe - Chris + Rob Downham
Driver 8 - Spencer Phillips
Magnamole Ltd - Sharon Wright

Peter and Theo invested in the corporate team building drumming idea BassToneSlap. www.basstoneslap.com
The Dragons liked the eco friendly packaging, plates and bowls but couldn't agree with the numbers presented. www.thewholeleafco.com
Ethnic make-up range. www.blouseandskirtcosmetics.com
Great idea to keep London cyclists safe. www.thelondonwhistle.com
My Finance Safe didn't impress the Dragons with it's online secure storage service. www.myfinancesafe.com
Driver 8 wrist watch www.spencerphillips.com
The solution to threading a cable through a cavity wall - one of the best pitches ever made earned an investment from Duncan and James. www.magnamole.co.uk

Episode 3Bike Stoppa
Dusty - Josephine Buchan
Tantrum Salon - Latasha Malik + Neil Ambler
Lid Lifters - Lawrence Webb & Frank Drewett
Blue Animals - John Gubba + Trevor Smith
Star Map - James Bonney + Tim Oberg
Oarsome Potential - Emily Webb
Bike Stoppa - David Atkin + Andrew Roberts
Incognito Mosquito - Howard + Patricia Carter
Servicing Stop - Oliver Richmond & Toby Richmond

The Dusty Springfield musical didn't appeal to the Dragons but is still on track. www.dustythemusical.co.uk
The Dragons felt the Tantrum hair salon for kids was over-valued. www.yourtantrum.com
Wheelie Bin lid opening device is a simple but brilliant idea which Peter was delighted to invest in. www.lidlifter.co.uk
Video blue screen capabilities featuring exotic animals. www.blueanimals.co.uk
Star Map - Celebrity Tours of London. www.thecelebrityplanet.com
Special grips for rowers. www.oarsome-potential.co.uk
Bike Stoppa is a remote control for parents to apply the brakes to kids bicycles. www.bikestoppa.com
Incognito is an effective anti-mosquito spray for travellers. www.lessmosquito.com
Deborah invested in the UK wide car servicing online booking facility. www.servicingstop.co.uk

Episode 4Thingy
Spey Bay Mussel Farm - Patrick Thirkill
CombiCase - Philip + Robert Paynes
KCO Inline Ice Skating Ltd - Karen O'Neill & Karen Coombes
PUA Training - Richard Larawena + Keshia Noble
The Thingy - Tim Warrington + Jon Smith
Clever Bins - William T Sachiti
Bottle Buddy - Alan McElligott
Grasshopper - Abby + Fleur Emery
UK Commercial Cleaning - Tony Earnshaw & Stephen Pearsons

Patrick Thirkill is still seeking investors for his mussel farming idea. www.speybaymusselfarm.co.uk
Theo was impressed with the pitch for ice blading and invested despite the downbeat views of the other Dragons. www.iceblading.co.uk
The Thingy spade attachment is still on sale at www.the-thingy.com
Clever Bins environmenatlly friendly advertising space with tracking devices. www.cleverbins.co.uk
Baby formula dispensing aid www.babybuddy.eu
Organic Breakfast Cereal www.teamgrasshopper.co.uk
One of the major Dragon success stories is the UK Commercial Cleaning Service which Duncan was very happy to invest in. www.ukcommercialcleaning.co.uk

Episode 5Slinks
Slinks - Jane Rafter
Mask-arade - Chris O'Nyan + Dean Walton + Ray Duffy read more
Germwarfare - Paul Ward
Bra Angel - Scott + Laura Dutton
Luxury Dog Biscuits - Jonathan Zlotlow
Wine Innovations Ltd James Nash
Rebound Box - Luke Porter
Bibcom - Easa Taheri
MyDish.co.uk - Carol Savage

Theo and James surprisingly invested in sandals that can be re-styled www.janerafter.com
Life size masks of famous people didn't appeal to the Dragons although has gone from strength to strength. www.mask-arade.com and have now launched the new business initiative www.thedragonsclub.com
Paul Ward's anti-bacterial cleaning products impressed but the numbers didn't add up for the Dragons and they were annoyed although James did try his best. www.germwarfare.co.uk
Bra repair wasn't one for the Dragons either. www.thebraangel.com
The numbers for Wine Innovations didn't add up for the Dragons. www.wineinnovationsltd.com
The Rebound Box football training aid continues to develop www.reboundbox.com
Domestic surveillance equipment. http://bibcom.co.uk
Deborah was very impressed with Carole Savagae and she invested in the family recipe sharing and storage idea at www.mydish.co.uk

Episode 6Team Toaster
Saboteur Crime Prevention - Samantha Gore
Classical Album - David Schofield
Spit n Polish Shoe Shine - Ronan McCarthy
Mi Garden - Jonathan Edwards
Team Toaster - Duncan Bardsley + Ian McCormack
Grillstream Ian Worton and Peter Neath
Kids Cooking Co - Nikki Povey
Foldaway Trailer - Gareth Atkinson
Tech21 - Jason Roberts

Samantha Gore had a hard time in her first Dragon slaying attempt but was bravely back for another try. Unfortunately the new curtain opening product failed to impress. www.saboteurcrimeprevention.com
David Schofield tried to persuae the Dragons to invest in his debut classical album. www.davidschofield.net
Old fashioned spit and polish shoe shine with a modern twist. www.shoeshine.net
Your football team initials on your toast! www.tinbone.com
Innovative grill to prevent mess. www.grillstream.co.uk
Cooking utensils for kids www.kidscookingco.co.uk
Tech 21 are protection products for all your electronic gizmos. Peter and Theo invested. www.tech21.uk.com

Episode 7Bee Automobiles
Bound Biographies - Michael Oak
Flights Of Fancy - Russell Bolby
Physicool Ltd - Kay Russell
Letterbox Locking Device - Marios Evangelou
EP Paint Roller - Martin Fischer
Bee Automobiles - Stephen Voller
Beyond Chocolate - Sophie + Audrey Boss
One Dip - Umar Mohammed + Ahmed Suleman
The Anyway Spray - Michael Pritchard

Bound Biographies is a personal biography service. http://www.boundbiographies.com
Kids Playhouses - expensive but unique. www.flights-of-fantasy.co.uk
Debra invested in the Physicool compression bandage. www.physicool.co.uk
An ambitious project to launch a new British made electric car was too much for the Dragons. www.beeautomobiles.com
Beyond Choclate slimming club. www.beyondchocolate.co.uk
One Dip stadium friendly snack box was a hit with the Dragons but they couldn't see an investment. www.delizfoods.co.uk
The Anyway Spray takes spray bottles to a new level and solves the problem of them not working at an angle. Theo and Peer saw the potential and invested. http://anywayspray.ning.com

Episode 8Motor Mouse
Earle's - Michael Lea
Kicksteer - Alan Holland + Steve Crosby
Extreme Fliers - Vernon Kerswell
Island Bakery - Joe Reid
Spirit Reclaimer - Gary Herriott + Tom Rhodes
Butterfly Technology - Susan Bell + Jonathan Jones
T.U.R.F. - Brett Little + Edward Crichton
CityScapes - Isaac Leeloss + Hartzig Brown
Motor Mouse - David + Patti Bailey

Peter spotted a crafty investment in Michael Lee's food franchising business. www.earles-direct.co.uk
Portable football goals www.quickplaysport.com
Extreme Fliers are remote control flying toys. www.extremefliers.co.uk
Isle of Mull organic biscuits www.islandbakery.co.uk
White Spirit reclaimer was a good idea but the Dragons spotted the future problem with changes in the law regarding white spirit. www.spiritreclaimer.com
Butterfly Technology tries to solve the problem of squeezing the last drop out of tubes. www.butterfly-technology.com
Computer mouse in the shape of a sports car? James liked it. www.motor-mouse.net

Final Statistics for Series 7
There were a total of 15 successful appeals for investment whilst the show was being aired, and the total money committed on air was £1,410,000

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