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The Dragons Den Series 8 July 2010.

The Dragons in this series are Duncan Bannatyne, James Caan, Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis.

Episode 1

Flow Signs - Derek Cousins
Shed Safe - Bob and Rob Crib
Pebblebed Vineyard - Geoff Bowen
Latch-A-Lead - Stephen Noble
Flex Effect Enterprise - Nas Chaudhry
The Tozo - Dawn Pugsley
Comprendo! - Steve Foster and John Ainsley
Worthenshaws - Kirsty Henshaw

Derek Cousins was first contestant in this series with his company Flow Signs and had a hard time from some very tough Dragons determined to set the tone. His idea of advanced light warnings on old traditional road signs seemed a potentially good idea but fell on deaf ears. Duncan told him it was the worst Dragons Den invention of all time.
ShedSafe seemed like a good idea to prevent break-ins into garden sheds but unfortunately for Bob and Rob Crib they had forgotten about Theo's legendary capability for testing things beyond breaking point. But they still pursue the dream www.shedsafe.co.uk
Despite having the dreaded brain freeze and confusing most of the Dragons, Geoff Bowen managed to convince Duncan to invest £60k in his vineyard share investment idea www.pebblebed.co.uk
Amanda Fisher had no luck impressing the Dragons with her cable tidy idea. Stephen Noble also had no luck with his quick release rigid dog lead www.latchalead.com. Nas Chaudhry had no effect on the Dragons with his big theatre Flex Effect Enterprise ambitions despite having already had some success and giving a stunning dance display.
Dawn Pugsley had a great idea for a spectacles holder attachment to wear on your clothes but failed to impress www.thetozo.com. John Ainsley and Steve Foster were a colourful pair who presented well but the Dragons couldn't comprehend how they'd profit from a language board game www.comprendogame.com
A surprise tactic of being nice worked well for the Dragons as it revealed the passion Kirsty Henshaw had for her healthy desserts business www.worthenshaws.co.uk and Theo, Duncan and Peter saw the potential, Kirsty decided to accept Peter and Duncans joint offer of £65k for 25%

Episode 2

Subeo - Robert Leeds and Guy Seymour
EasyShave - Mani Bamotra
Vintage Patisserie - Angela Newman
Flood Protection - Andrew Laing and Dom Green
EasyDry - John Jackson
Make My Summer - Jacqueline Cole
Little Yeller - Peter Stringer
Shop Box Ltd - Stuart Archibold and Andy Leslie

Underwater craft designers Robert Leeds and Guy Seymour wanted a huge amount of money to develop their products but the Dragons could not get the numbers to add up despite being wowed by the product www.subeo.com. The EasyShave demonstration provided some amusement but getting a Dragons investment was certainly not a close shave for Mani Bamotra unfortunately.
Angela Newman worried the Dragons with her lack her of financial acumen but Deborah and Theo really liked the vintage patisserie idea www.vintagepatisserie.co.uk and joint invested £100000.
Flood protection innovators Andrew Laing and Dom Green failed to impress as did charming inventor John Jackson with his EasyDry washing device. Job seeking opportunities in Summer Camps was the basis of Jacqueline Cole's business idea through her site at www.makemysummer.com but the Dragons couldn't see a business opportunity. Peter Stringers loud hailer couldn't attract the Dragons attention either.
Shop Box Ltd have created a storage box to allow people to receive delivered groceries to their home when they are not there which seemed a good idea but the Dragons had a lot of issues with it. www.shopbox.co.uk

Episode 3

Tatty Bumpkins - Sam Petter
Four Poster Bed Hire - Chris Jones
Golfers Mate - Dennis Fuller Buy One
Ice Bar - Terry Merther
Bagabook - Susan and Basil Doha
Aquatina - Guy Jeremiah
Multi Use Dress - Janet and Neil Allday
Cambell Hammer - David Royce and Max Metcalf
FGH Security - Peter Harrison and Wesley Downham

Sam Petter was first up with her childrens ethical lifestyle business www.tattybumpkin.com which has been going for several years but the Dragons weren't convinced it could progress any further. Chris Jones faired no better with his four poster bed hire idea.
Engaging entrepreneur Dennis Fuller had a bit of a hard time with most of the Dragons but won over James Caan with his golfers mate device www.golfersmate.co.uk and received £100k investment
The figures didn't seem to add up for Terry Merther's ice bar idea and he was frozen out by the Dragons, as was Susan and Basil Doha's idea for a book security protector cover. www.bagabook.com
Collapsible bottle designer Guy Jerimiah annoyed some of the Dragons with his pitch and they failed to see the potential www.aquatina.com. They were also unimpressed with a multi use dress from Janet and Neil Allday.
The Cambell Hammer did hit the nail on the head for the Dragons though, but inventors David Royce and Max Metcalf couldn't secure an investment.
FGH Security impressed the Dragons with their honesty and business acumen. Competing offers eventually saw Peter Harrison and Wesley Downham accept a joint increased offer from Theo and Peter for £100k www.fghsecurity.co.uk

Episode 4

Hawksdrift Falconry - Leila Bennett
Easy Over Kitchen Utensil - Barry and Tina Hemmings
Rotaball - Tony Young
Sqeasy Gloves - Faisal Adams
Rapeseed Oil Products - Andrew Fussell
Blooming High - Lisa Marshall and Shelene Mitchell Buy One
Neon Collective - Clare Childs
Toothbrush Buddy - Jay Treadwell
YR Wall - Tom Hogan and Tim Williams

First up was Leila Bennett and her stunning falcon who does his bit for the environment by scaring off pigeons from venues. Fortunately it didn't scare the Dragons and Duncan was happy to invest £50k without haggling. www.hawksdrift.co.uk
Barry and Tina Hemmings tried to whet the Dragons appetite for investment with their easy-over egg frying spatula but the Dragons weren't that easily won over.
Duncan showed his lack of footballing skills trying out Tony Young's Rotaball football device and the Dragons all showed Tony the red card. www.rotaball.com
Peter struggled to extricate himself from Faisal Adams' Sqeasy Glove but soon extricated himself and the other Dragons from investing. www.sqeasygloves.com
Farmer Andy Fussell was well liked by the Dragons but no investment was reaped for his homegrown oil products.
Gardening aficionados Lisa Marshall and Shelene Mitchell had seen their stackable planter blossom into a potential real money spinner but had hit a growth problem they hoped the Dragons would help with but all they could offer was some good advice. www.bloominghigh.co.uk
Clare Childs wowed Deborah with her vegan shoes but she was soon walking. www.neoncollective.com
Toothbrush Buddy could win no friends either. www.toothbrushbuddy.com
YR Wall just seemed like teaching graffiti to kids as far as Duncan was concerned and most of the Dragons wrote it off quickly as a business investment. However Peter spotted hidden potential and he and Deborah jointly invested £50kwww.yrwall.com

Episode 5
Black Leg Iberian Pig - Paul Morris
Gym-in-a-box - Easan Yassani (spelling?)
Tree Of Knowledge - Alan Burton + Gavin Oakes
Pink Salt - Sharon Bozkurt
Fisheazy Autorest - Charlie Mylonas
Zigo Leader - Stephen Mitchell + Michael Erinright
Chilli Cola - Reverend John Berryman
EcoSense Air Conditioning Sensor - Glen + Steve Hardman
Wedge Welly - Mike + Sarah Longthorne Buy One

Trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear was the feeling from the Dragons about Paul Morris's business plan for upmarket ham.
Gym In A Box also failed to increase their heart rates.
The Dragons got to grips with the Tree of Knowledge kids education business plan very quickly and were extremely impressed with the owners but that wasn't enough to secure an investment - maybe you could help? www.treeof.co.uk
Himalayan Pink Salt was too rich for the Dragons taste buds.
Most of the Dragons put up a 'gone fishin' sign when Charlie Mylonas demonstrated his fishing rod auto adjustment rest. www.fisheazy-autorest.com
'On yer bike' was the general reaction to the Zigo Leader multifunction cycle baby carrier as the accountancy figures were a major worry although the product itself was impressive. www.myzigo.com
They also failed to warm to the Reverend's chilli cola drink and complete froze to the Ecosense air con people sensor. www.ecosense.uk.com
Wedge Wellies kept the chills at bay though and despite some shaky numbers Theo invested £65000 www.wedgewelly.co.uk

Episode 6
Peel Cars - Faizal Khan + Gary Hillman
Emegency Window Breaking - Stephen Maher
Angel Cot - Jacqueline McKay
Pizza Ball - Dan Bailey Taylor read more
Post Op Protection - Terry + David Ward
RadClamp - Graham Downey + Phil Morris
Bee Prepared - Sarah Orecchia
Master Climber - Graham + Sue Wright
Funky Moves - Ralf Kinnert

The Dragons loved the toy sit-in Peel cars and James secured quite a decent deal for £80000 and 2 free cars! www.peelengineering.co.uk
They didn't like Stephen Maher's emergency window breaking device though and his dreams were shattered for now.
They also thought an investment in Angel Cot would have left them with sleepless nights. www.angelcot.co.uk
Young entrepreneur Dan Bailey Taylor will no doubt be seen again but this time the Dragons didn't want a slice of his pizza base roller ball device. www.pizzaball.co.uk
The special post op protection cover for dogs didn't go down well either as the Dragons preferred the old lampshade method.
They didn't want to tap into Graham and Phil's specialist plumbing tools either. www.radclamp.com
A prophetic name for a product - Bee Prepared - as Sarah Orecchia seemed to struggle when asked about scientific research, although she has since stated that this was because they are prohibited from publicly speaking about 'science' behind their products as they are not classed as medicinal. However the bee products have since attracted other investors and are now available in 140 stores. www.unbeelievablehealth.co.uk
Next was the mast climbing device for sailing boats, which unfortunately sunk without trace.
Funky Moves is a physical activity game for kids and adults and Peter and Theo invested £60000 each for half the company. www.funky-moves.co.uk

Episode 7
Gift Card Converter - Simon Jamieson + Alan Brown
SnowGlobe - Alastair Heelas read more
Surviva Jak - Alex Lewis + Letitia Valentine
Sqeasy - Karen + Ian Moakes
Silent Wind Turbine - Matthew Luethi
Dog Creche - Sarah McLean + Sandy Maxwell-Forbes
Surfboard Tent - Jeremy Fry + Marta Podorski
Chapati Man - Chris + Andrea Rae
Wand Remote Control - Chris Barnado + Richard Blakesney buy one

Gift Card Converter upset some of the Dragons and they could see potential problems arising. www.giftcardconverter.co.uk
The SnowGlobe went down well with the Dragons initially but they were less impressed with the figures and any investment potential melted away. www.jblleisure.com
Surviva Jak seemed a great idea but the figures left most of the Dragons cold and it was a surprise when Deborah agreed to invest £75k for 45%. www.survivawear.com
Getting an investment proved far from being sq'easy for the Moakes family www.sqeasy.co.uk
The Silent Wind Turbine failed to generate any enthusiasm www.silentwindturbine.com
The Dragons thought the dogs creche idea was barking up the wrong tree.
A surfboard tent seemed a great idea but the Dragons couldn't see the figures adding up to much profit.
Chapati man was too hot to handle for the dragons, but you can buy them at Morrisons. www.chapatiman.co.uk
The Dragons thought the Wand company to be a magical investment opportunity and Duncan secured it with a £200k investment for an ultimate 10% share www.thewandcompany.com

Episode 8
Yum Yums - Diane White + Tim Buller
Commando Joes - Mike Hamilton
Value My Stuff Now - Patrick van Der Vorst
Recessed Lightshades - Phillipa Steven Martin
Parcel Office - Stan Wallace
Odourblaster - Patrick Smyth + Tim Hurst
Paint Apron - John Prince
Temporary Housing - Michael Drake + Catherine Vanier + Rory McLean
Power8 Workshop - Christopher Ellsworthy buy one

The Yum Yums weren't appetising enough for the Dragons www.5adayworld.co.uk
The Dragons liked Mike Hamiltons military style fitness regime for kids but didn't think it fit enough to invest.
An online antique valuation service seemed a great idea and Theo and Deborah agreed a 100k joint investment for 40% www.valuemystuffnow.com
No luck for Phillipa Steven Martin with her recessed light lampshades though.
Stan Wallace's grand idea of the Parcel Office to replace closed Post Offices was too big a scheme for any of the Dragons and they urged him to get out of this area of extremely competitive business. www.parceloffice.co.uk
The Odourbuster seemed a great idea for removing smells from toilets directly through the pipe system but the Dragons quickly flushed the numbers down the pan unfortunately. www.odourbuster.com
Paint Apron failed to impress the Dragons as did the temporary housing from plastic bricks idea.
Great Christmas or Birthday present for the man about the house, the Power8 workshop is 4 cordless electric power tools in one. Peter and Duncan agreed to £150k for 30% www.power8workshop.com

Episode 9
SweatSportz - Keith + Chris Hamilton
UsForHomes - Paul Simpson + Justine Vernon
TrayKit - Solvej Biddell
Sculpta-Face - Richard Austen
Computerised Tailor Made Suits - John Bunny
Aeronaut Ride - Patrick Fischer
Jewellery Hire - Jamie Mordaunt
Proppa.com - Adam Weaver

Keith and Chris Hamilton probably lost weight in front of the Dragons but failed to gain any investment due to their figures. www.sweatzsportz.com
UsForHomes is a website for selling you home but was not seen as an investable opportunity. www.usforhomes.com
The TrayKit as been doing well already but Solvej wanted help from the Dragons and secured an investment of £80k from Peter and Deborah. www.traykit.co.uk
Presenting the Dragons with likenesses of themselves is a risky strategy and failed to work for Sculpta-Face designer Richard Austen.
Scanning your body to get a tailor made suit seemed a good idea but didn't fit in with any of the Dragons criteria.
Patrick Fischer's amusement park aeronaut ride presentation crashed and burned as did the jewellery hire idea of Jamie Mordaunt. www.diamondthrills.co.uk
Proppa is already well established as a niche market automotive supplier and Duncan invested £50k for 20% www.proppa.com

Episode 10
MyBaby Ltd - Adam Philips
Kids Mobile Tracking - JP + Belinda Edwards
Heated Rugby Gloves - Tony Curtis
Gaboom - Jessica Radcliffe
Vehicle Immobilising - Carl Myer
Kids Luggage - Gavin + Susan Naysmith
Media Displays - Ian Taylor

Adam Philips presented well but failed to convince the Dragons to invest in his baby buggy with nappy changing facility.
A tracking solution to monitor kids mobile calls seemed an excellent idea but Pter pointed out the flaws and consequently no Dragon would invest.
Heated rugby gloves failed to warm up the Dragons and Jess Radcliffe impressed but also failed to get the Dragons to play along with her video games swapping site. www.gaboom.co.uk
Carl Myer failed to win investment for his instant vehicle immobilising system. The Dragons couldn't see a profit in the brightly coloured kids luggage designs of gavin and Susan Naysmith.
Almost a total wipeout this week but Ian Taylor managed to get James to invest £80k for his mobile media displays.

Final Statistics for Series 8
There were a total of 17 successful appeals for investment whilst the show was being aired, and the total money committed on air was £1,525,000

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