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The Dragons Den Series 9 July 2011.

The Dragons in this series are Duncan Bannatyne, Hilary Devey, Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis.

Episode 1

The Present Club - Georgette Hewitt
Eggloo - George Winter
Miruji Sit and Slim - Alan Sharrock
Warmahorn - Ali Kedge
Human Cannonball - Rodrigo Perez
Dust Elimin8 - Paul Watts
Gloven oven gloves - Nola Baldwin buy one
Ploughcroft - Chris Hopkins

Georgette Hewitt had the awful brain freeze moment so frequently experienced by many and it was not looking good but fortunately her Present Club idea was a real winner and she was gifted £60000 from Theo and Peter in exchange for 30%. www.thepresentclub.co.uk
George Winter saw his anti loo splashback idea well and truly flushed down the toilet by all the Dragons. The same fate awaited Alan Sharrock with his health and well being franchise business Miruji which got a real dressing down from all the Dragons. www.sitandslim.co.uk
The Dragons couldn't quite warm to the concept of a device to warm trumpets or saxophones but Ali Kedge continues selling the product at www.warmahorn.com
The human cannonball Rodrigo Perez charmed the Dragons but got quickly fired as an investable business. www.humancannonball.co.uk
Paul Watts had a good invention in an attachment for power saws that eliminates dust but the Dragons did not see it as a profitable venture although it can be found for sale elsewhere. www.2011.totallydiy.co.uk
They also couldn't warm to the Gloven oven glove by ex singer Nola Baldwin. www.gloven.co.uk
Deborah and Theo invested a joint £120000 in the solar power investment opportunity presented by Chris Hopkins for 25% www.ploughcroft.co.uk

Episode 2
Extremely comfortable memory foam duvet ideal for caravans etc!

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DJ Trickles + Lady MC - Krissy Sims + Kerry O'Brien
Karnap - John McMonagle
LoveDaPop - Christian Hartman, Tom Callard + Martin McLaughlin
NoParkingFine - Sophia Hussein
UVBodySculpture - Glen Harden
Bath Sound - Alan Clarke
Dog Bling - Elizabeth Chance + Colin Halfpenny
Duvalay sleeping bag mattress - Alan + Liz Colleran buy one

Krissy and Kerry presented a great pitch but faltered on numbers and although they charmed the Dragons they couldn't receive any investment. blog.djandmcacademy.com/
John McMangle caused some laughs with his inflatable car bed which was not seen as currently very practical but continues to sell at www.karnap.co.uk
LoveDaPop did go down very well with Peter though and he invested 70k for 45% of the popcorn company. www.lovedawebsite.com/
NoParkingFine seems like it should strike a chord with many but surprisingly didn't favour well with the Dragons. www.noparkingfine.co.uk/
Glen Harden raised many laughs but no investment despite his all too honest approach to the Dragons. www.uvbodysculpture.com/
Bath Sound also went down the plug hole although seemed a great invention. www.bathsound.co.uk/
Dog Bling was not seen as a scaleable investment. www.dogbling.co.uk
Hilary saw potential and made her first investment in Duvalay to the tune of £80000 for 26%. www.raskelf.com/Boats/Memory_Foam_Duvalay

Episode 3
Rascal Dog Litter Box
Very practical dog loo with machine washable grass!

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Rascal Dog Litter Box - Meena + Tim Carlya, Tricia Tierney buy one
All You Can Drink - Dan Thompson
Fun Fancy Dress Ltd - Peter + Michelle Hart
Weight Loss Clothing - Leon Leigh
Philharmonic Lights - Alexander Tomich
Hot Water Bottle Holder - Justin Potter
Extreme Knitting - Rachel + Carmen John
Post Saver - Jim + Richard George

Perhaps being too enthusiastic was the problem for the presenters of the dog indoor loo who really annoyed the Dragons! www.rascaldoglitterbox.co.uk
The Dragons enjoyed the drink but not the idea of a corporate private members all you can drink club.
Peter and Michelle Hart impressed initially but gradually came under scathing attacks from most of the Dragons, however Duncan spotted the potential and although they'd offered just 10% he dealt with 50% and £100000 investment. www.funfancydress.com
Leon Leigh failed to impress with his innovative weight loss clothing idea. Alexander Tomich did impress though with his light display and personality but no investment was offered. www.philharmoniclights.com
The Dragons also failed to warm to Justin Potters invention of a hot water bottle holder. Extreme knitting wasn't seen as a viable business either. www.racheljohn.co.uk
Post saver fence post protection seemed a bit of an oddity but the Dragons saw huge potential and wanted to invest so it was a bit of a shock when a deal couldn't be reached. www.postsaver.co.uk

Episode 4
Safe device for clearing baby's noses of gunk, etc!!

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Bobs Box - Bob Davies
Luxury Event Accommodation - Camila Shaughnessy
My Sea Safe - Fraser Allen
Steam Shaver - Samson Dukabyagbena
Rico Mexican Kitchen - Marcela Flores Newburn
ProSlope - Chris O'Connell
Ceramics Cafe - Shirley + Hayley Smith
Roller Signs - Peter Jones

Bob's Box seemed like a total no go as an investment so it was a surprise when Hilary invested £50000 for 20% of the Box income plus the company. www.uniqueideas.co.uk
The Dragons couldn't see any potential in the luxury accommodation surrounding sporting events idea though, and they were less than impressed with the figures for the My Sea Safe device. www.myseasafe.com
The steam shaver protection device did not go down well nor did the delicious Mexican food business. www.ricomexicankitchen.co.uk
The Dragons couldn't find any desire to invest in artificial ski slopes either. www.proslope.com
Ceramic cafe didn't fair well either, but Roller Signs was seen as a great idea and achieved backing of £1000000 for 49% from Peter.

Episode 5
Bog In A Bag
Very practical camping accessory! No more wandering around in the dark trying to find somewhere suitable to go or worrying about walking miles to the campsite loo in the dead of night, this is the ideal solution!

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Polka Dot Pantomines - Darren Maddison + Helen Wright
Chocolate Therapist - Paul Da Costa Greaves
Bog In A Bag - Kate Castle buy one
Flaggo - George Allen buy one
Myburgh Designs - Steve Myburgh
WingAware - Phil Hall
Baskit Geni - Jacky Williams + Gerry Parker buy one
JogPost - Henry Buckley + J J Harding

The show began with a big Cinderella performance from PolkaDot but not seen as a good investment by the Dragons. www.polkadotacademy.co.uk
They enjoyed the chocolate but not the numbers posted by chef Paul Da Costa Greaves. www.thechocolatetherapist.co.uk
Bog In A Bag was not a tasteful subject for the Dragons initially but three of them liked Kate and her presentation and although she almost blew the negotiation by revealing a marked preference for one of the Dragons, fortunately Theo agreed to invest £50000 for 30%. www.boginabag.co.uk
Board games never seem to fair well nowadays with the Dragons and such was the case for Flaggo but you can still buy one yourself.www.flaggo.com
The Dragons were intrigued by Steve Myburgh's swinging seat designs but couldn't see an investment opportunity. www.myburghdesigns.com
WingAware protection for wing mirrors wasn't seen as investable either. www.wingaware.com
An anti-theft device for hanging baskets didn't seem a great money spinner for the Dragons. www.baskitgeni.co.uk
JogPost leaflet delivery went down really well and Deborah invested £50000 for 20% www.leafletdistribution.co.uk

Episode 6
Safe Stix
No more cut mouths for dogs from sharp sticks, this specially designed throwing stick is entirely safe to use and your dog will love it!

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Aqua Sheko Fish Spa - Karen Ho + To Chan
Skip Hop - Scott Robert Shaw + Lee Collinson Jones
Strim Base - Alan Pearson
Poker Controller - Jonathan Caplan
Brat + Suzie - Polly + Charlotte Vickery
StickiButt - Michelle Smith
Crocodile Keyboard - David Baker
AB Performance Ltd - Andy Bates

Peter tried out the feet cleansing fish tank and was impressed but none of the Dragons could invest. www.aquasheko.co.uk
Skip Hop skipping with hop music fared no better. www.skip-hop.co.uk
Alan Pearson's appeal for street sign backing fell foul of the Dragons by not being too sure of his figures.
Poker Controller was seen as too much of a gamble. www.sunshine-poker.com
Polly and Charlotte impressed with their illustrated t-shirt range but failed to attract investors. www.bratandsuzie.com
Stickibutt passenger pillion protection also failed to secure investment as did David Smith for his keyboard app.
Andy Bates impressed though with his bike based cars and achieved £50000 investment from Peter for 35%. www.abperformance.co.uk

Episode 7
The perfect start for young kids to learn cycle balancing in a nice safe manner!

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Auto Bar Tap - Nick Cross, Richard Haddon, Sebastian Stoddart
Pulse - Jacqui Thompson
Cleebo - Bola Lafe buy one
Safe Stix - Paul Blair buy one
Health Swing - Wendy Thompson
Crips - Gareth + Brian Smith
Windy Light - Ian Wilson
Kiddimoto - Simon Booth buy one

Theo and Deborah invested £50000 for 30% of the automated bar tap.
The Dragons loved the concept behind Pulse but couldn't invest. www.fingeronthepulse.biz
The Cleebo baby nose clearing device intrigued the Dragons but no investment resulted. www.opus-innovations.com
No investment for the safe stick for throwing to dogs either. www.safestix.co.uk
The Dragons loved 71yr old Wendy Thompson but couldn't invest in her Health Swing. They also struggled with the unpalatable figures associated with low fat Crips. www.cripsnacks.com
Wind powered bike light faired no better, but Kiddimoto impressed all and secured £75000 for 30% from Duncan and Hilary. www.kiddimoto.co.uk

Episode 8
RKA Records - Liam Webb + Ryan Ashmore
Trinamic Balls - Yasmin Hussein
Realtor Network Ltd - Gil Ostrander + Richard Williams
Haggis Dog - Mark Shaw
WingZ - Michelle + Steve Davis
Easylegs - Jim Jamieson
Flipit - Marion Mainstone
Eco-Hab Homes - Aidan Quinn + Gemma Rae

Duncan Ballantyne surprisingly invested £50000 in RKA Records although he did negotiate a whopping 79% ownership. www.rkarecords.com
Yasmin Hussein failed to gain any investment for her Trinamic football but still seems to be selling it well. www.trinamicballs.com
Realtor Network had no luck with the Dragons nor did the Haggis Dog www.haggisdog.com
WingZ intrigued the Dragons but they saw it as too niche a market www.wingzfashion.com
Easylegs lorry supports confused the Dragons and they also weren't happy with the Flipit folding furniture situation (www.justflipit.net) but Theo did like and invest £75000 for 40% of Eco Hab Homes. www.officeingarden.co.uk

Episode 9
Savvylash - Michelle Savage
Richibrown - John Richardson
Nuttery - Julian Lipton
Mall Mobility - Fraser Sinnott
Romeo Shelf - Nathan Pearson
Cobra Plug - William Dolman + Keith Matthews
Crowdity - Rob Berisford + Emma Kennedy
Shoot It Yourself - Andrea Mcdowell + Rebecca Baldwin

Savvylash failed to gain Dragon support for Michelle Savage although they were quite impressed www.savvylash.co.uk
They weren't impressed with the anti-ageing Natox cream though www.richibrown.com
Julian Lipton has a well established business called the Nuttery which produces bird feeders. Unfortunately the Dragons were concerned over the numbers and forthcoming loss of copyright protection. www.thenuttery.com
Shopping mobility scooters was also unsuccessful in obtaining Dragons interest www.mallmobility.co.uk
Romeo shelf for balconys was unsuccessful although again the pitch went down well www.romeoshelf.com
The Dragons loved the new cobra design electrical plug and socket but couldn't see it breaking through to replace the original.
They saw the group buying crowdity.com venture as too risky.
www.shoot-it-yourself.co.uk went down well though and Hilary invested £60k for 26% of the video business.

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