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JBL Leisure are the company that brought you the very first inflatable Snowglobe, using life like JBL Globe Snow to create your Christmas Fun Photo!

We are the best bespoke tailors of entertainment and have even provided one for Harrods, London for their Christmas 2010 launch - probably the best store in the world!

The original Snowglobe is amazing in its Patent design. Please do not confuse our Patented Snowglobe with other products that feature a type of inflatable Snowglobe with bouncy castle type inflatable bases (these have an entrance similar to a Moonwalk and we have also seen a few Chinese copies shown on www.alibabba.com that have nothing to do with our company.)

SnowglobeWe are the original and the best!

Our Snowglobe carries a UK Patent - this assures you of the original Snowglobe for your event. JBL Leisure are the first company to provide the patented giant inflatable Snowglobe and along with our patented registered design backdrop curtain you can change the scene to whatever your wish may be.... in a flash!

Why our original Snowglobes are different from the others:

JBL Snowglobe has a very solid, safe and stable base. It is safe for all the family and up to six people can stand inside as nothing below your feet is unstable or inflatable.Snowglobe at Gatwick
We provided a Snowglobe for GM Motors launch of the new Astra, which was driven inside the Snowglobe - that clearly demonstrates the stength and stability of our Snowglobes!
JBL Snowglobe has high quality safety features built into its design. Using our special stainless steel telescopic hidden rear pole the Snowglobe will not collapse should there be a power failure and this ensures everyone can exit our Snowglobe in a safe manner. This feature is why JBL are the leaders in this type of product,
We have provided a similar globe for the Spots and Stripes Cadburys games tour that can be seen in UK cities from 4th September 2010. It is also designed to allow for disabled access.
JBL use JBL Globe Snow. This product is manufactured by one of the worlds leading manufactures of synthetic snow (used on the James Bond films, and TV). It carries a fire rating and is very safe. JBL Globe Snow is a branded product for use only in JBL Snowglobes - another mark of our product quality assurance. We know that every child and adult likes to pick up handfuls of snow, and throw it, well you can do that in our JBL Snowglobe as it is safe and real family fun!Hope in the Snowglobe
JBL Snowglobe has a unique patented design that allows customers to pass between two compartments both filled with air. This creates a space that utilising our unique registered design support system stops the Snowglobe from deflating when you enter or exit, always with your safety in mind.
JBL Snowglobe is packed on a small pallet and takes only a short time to erect. We provide a design review along with our Snowglobe operations and safety manual. Our Snowglobes have ADIPS testing certificates and conform to all the UK health and safety legislation for HSG 175.
JBL provide our clients with a project health and safety plan, project quality plan, project operating procedures and risk assessment. We can provide training and we also have our own exclusive licensed photographers that cover the length and breadth of the UK. We operate internationally with agents that are licensed to JBL.

So it's no wonder that the JBL Snowglobes are seen at most of the major shopping centres/winter wonderlands such as Hyde Park, London and all over the UK and Ireland! We are growing with new products coming on line for 2011 - keep checking our site at www.jblleisure.com!
The GM Snowglobe
With JBL our clients feel confident that they are using a very safe product that is tried and tested and carries the JBL patented design. You can have confidence in JBL Leisure our bespoke service is No 1.

JBl Snowglobe - have you been inside?!!?
If you would like to contact one of our sales agents or have any questions or comments or would like to receive a JBL Snowglobe brochure in the post (you can also download one from our website), please let us know.

The Snowglobe is unique and we are able to offer it on an exclusive hire/rental. The Snowglobe carries a UK Patent Number GB2457100. Also a European Community Design Registration Number 000925078-0001 and International Patent application PCT/EP2009/051060. The Snowglobe is made in England by Bouncebouts.
Mr. A. Heelas and Mr. J. Manning are co-proprietors of UK Patent Number GB2457100 and EU Registered Design No. 000925078 and International Patent Application No.WO2009/098170, also we own the Australian Design Registration - No 324277. Snowglobe is exclusively licensed by JBL Leisure.
Manufacture and/or importation of inflatable chambers made to the design shown in EU Registered Design No. 000925078 or Australian Design Registration - No 324277 is an infringement of that registered design right.

All information is provided in good faith but please
contact us if you spot any errors!
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